We’ve been growing berries, cherries and organics for over 20 years, now totalling about 500ha. We also design and manufacture field scale commercial polytunnels, substrate and associated growing systems for many of the best growers in the world.

Is this remarkable?
Perhaps not, but we're challenging ourselves on what defines a 'great business'.

Our Growing Systems

We constantly innovate. We test our new products on our own farms commercially before supplying them to growers of over 30 crops in over 50 countries.


We supply high quality, year-round berries, cherries and organics to leading retailers. We have farms in the UK, South Africa, Portugal and China. Our model is to constantly improve growing systems for the benefit of our customers by understanding the commercial pressures of growing ourselves.

Haygrove People

We are a demanding but exciting business made up of strong (and often quirky!) personalities. Our fast pace and open approach is not for everyone, but if you 'get it', get involved and always give 110%, you'll find yourself part of a fantastic international family who inspire and challenge each other to constantly improve and have a lot of fun.

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  • Who takes the production decisions ?

    Jan Latka has been our UK farm bus driver (and office garden keeper) since 2008
    Witness kayise is a Production Manager in South Africa, who started in 2008
  • Who's a picker?        Who's a partner ?

    Business partners and 50% owners - our Bright Futures programme began in 2008
    Our top picker, Dimitar Patkov earned £1000 in his best week last year
    (415) 557-3942
  • Who rose from picker to partner ?

    Sean Tager. UK picker. 1997 Click to continue
    Today Sean is Partner of Haygrove Heaven South Africa, with over 2000 staff
    Leszek Sawicki. UK picker. 1992 Click to continue
    Leszek is now Partner of Haygrove Poland and Central Europe and supplies many of our growing systems
  • Who innovates outside the box ?

    Cristi leads our pest and disease management, constantly challenging conventional thought
    Vladimir Fomin is the most remarkable water quality innovator we've ever met
  • Who's the wolf in sheep's clothing ?!

    One of our many excellent workers in China.
    A wolf in sheep's clothing, Sofia is our lead grower in Portugal.

Our challenge

We are working towards providing tangible case study evidence of whether there is a connection between the financial performance of a business and its engagement with two other hard measured bottom lines - impact on people and impact on planet