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1. Preparation: In this we help students to understand various studying methods and help them to implement those in their studying strategy.


2. Examination: This  is the most crucial aspect of our service, in this we help students to effectively write the exams.


3. CV Writing: We help student to write an excellent CV which will grab the headhunters/employers attention amongst the hundreds of CVs that they receive everyday.


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PREPARATION Lets be real..We all open our books at the last minute or if really [...]

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EXAMINATION Have you ever met that kid with pathetic handwriting and not really a lot [...]

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About Swathi

I am a corporate lawyer and  I have 6 years of post  school academic studying experience, this platform is created out of my experience and experiments with studying. I do not want to brag about myself but I have tell you, I  know how to study, well you might be like… everybody knows hows to study, it just takes hard work, WRONG, it not hard work and its definitely not luck all the time. There is always a strategy which helps the student to get good grades without spending hours and hours cramming up.