A handful of our past success stories.

Current Turnaround 10 - 14 working days from artwork receipt.

We have no control over when NZ post gets your artwork to us.

Schools typically make a return

of at least 100% on towels.



A little bit about us.




Graphics on Shirts was founded over 20 years ago under the name Cheers and Beers Limited by James (Jim) Crooks, who saw a School Towel overseas and thought it was a great idea, upon returning home Jim started Trading under Graphics on Shirts and started work on sourcing towels and printing. Unfortunately Jim passed away in 2013 -  A beloved Husband, Father, Grandfather and inspiration to all who met him. Cheers and Beers Ltd has now been officially renamed Graphics on Shirts Ltd and is owned by Jim's longtime Screen printer and friends who do our best to ensure his legacy and great service continue.




Our towels are 100% cotton and are available in Bleached (White) and Unbleached (Natural).


We source and stock the towels ourselves to ensure we never run out and to maintain consistent quality. They are 720mm high by 510mm wide with a maximum print area of 600mm x 400mm , and do a pretty damn good job of drying dishes if you are into that sort of thing.


We print using water based inks to ensure a soft water absorbent finish, and can match pretty much any colour, although due to being water based an exact match to pantone colours may not always be possible. We can also print plastisol ink if your prefer, although this will make drying difficult.


Teatowels make the perfect give for family overseas.

Our info pack contains detailed

information and instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions



877-370-9251. PO Box 68 222 Newton, 76 Morrin Road, Auckland, New Zealand. Ph: 09 358 1249.

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Unique Fundraising , Great Memories.

Is there a minimum order Quantity?

Yes we print from 100+ Units.

What is the Turnaround?

Typically 7 - 10 working days from Artwork receipt. We'll keep you up to date.

What is the RRP?

Most schools charge between $10 - $20 per towel.

Some do multi buy deals.

(ie. $20 for one or $30 for two).

How much do they cost?

Please enquire using our form... However towels start under $5.00 each and usually earn the School upwards of 100% profit.

Fill out my (919) 605-1993.